Tourism Loan Fund


Funding for the Hotels and Attractions Sectors

  • The Tourism Loan Fund provides loans for the refurbishing and upgrading of eligible hotels and attractions and/or for the construction of facilities to be used for the purpose of carrying on business in the areas of historical cultural and natural heritage attractions.
  • The Tourism Loan Fund provides financing to those entities with seventy-five rooms or less, operating in the accommodation sub-sector and to those operating in or desirous of entering the attractions sub-sector.
  • The maximum loan size is BDS$5.6 million with an interest rate of 6.5% on a reducing basis.
  • Security is required, usually in the form of a legal charge over assets acquired with the proceeds of the loan and or any other collateral that might be deemed necessary.

Loan Application Procedures
See Guidelines & Loan Application Procedures for the Tourism Loan Fund

Investment Criteria
Tourism Loan Fund Investment Criteria