The Educational Road Trips Programme continued in the latter part of 2019, when we took a number of students from Eagle Hall Primary School to visit two of our clients. 

The emphasis of these tours is to expose students from some schools in our environs, to the benefits of renewable energy and energy efficient solutions in which our clients are engaged. Additionally, students get a first-hand look at how commercial entities with whom we partner, conduct business.

Walker’s Dairy Farm, in St. George, was chosen for the first leg of this tour. To prepare the students for the tour, they viewed a pre-recorded film showing the process of milking cows.  At the farm, students got an opportunity to see how the cows were reared for milk production. This included the preparation of silage, the daily care of cows and calves and observing those areas where grass is specially grown for hay making.  They also toured the milking parlour where detailed information was provided on the mechanical process of milking and were shown the refrigerated storage vat, where the milk is kept prior to being collected and transported to the Pine Hill Dairy. 

For the final segment of the day’s activities, the students toured the Barbados Beach Club Hotel, where they viewed the hotel’s turtle park. They were given an over-view of the hotel’s operations, viewed a guest room, the reception area, the restaurant, and were introduced to staff. Information on the various career options in the hotel industry was made available to them. To fulfill the aim of creating an awareness of “green technology”, the tour guide explained how the hotel utilizes energy from the sun to produce electricity and showed the students where the solar photovoltaic panels were located.

A Question and Answer session was held at the end of each tour to test the students’ knowledge. Teachers and students were treated to lunch at the Sea Rocks Dome.

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