Enterprise Growth Fund Limited (EGFL) has launched a project called Educational Road Trips, targeting students from primary and secondary schools in the geographical community in which we are located.

The objective of the programme is to expose and educate students to various aspects of Energy Efficient and Renewable Energy technologies or “green technologies”, while having fun.

On Friday, February 23, 2018 when the programme was officially launched, students from the St. Mary’s Primary School were taken on an educational road trip to experience how “green energy” and environmentally friendly technologies actually work.

The students toured a fish farming project to observe how certain species of fish are grown and raised, commercially, for food production. They were thereafter treated to lunch at Farley Hill National Park and later visited BICO Ltd. to experience how that company uses energy from the sun to produce electricity. The project at BICO Ltd. was facilitated by the Energy Smart Fund, which EGFL manages.

Ms. Linda Harris, Corporate Secretary, of EGFL indicated that her company has made a strategic decision to support educational projects for students in their environs. She noted that in 2015, they supported two students who attended the Dereck Smith Vocational Centre. This support, she pointed out, helped the students to achieve their educational goals.

EGFL has also partnered with the University of the West Indies (UWI), Cave Hill Campus to establish the EGFL Scholarship Programme which provides scholarships to eligible students to subsidise the costs of their undergraduate studies in Economics and Business Finance. Recently, EGFL gave financial support to two other UWI students who were affected by the hurricane in Dominica.

Ms. Harris stated that “Upcoming visits in our Educational Road Trips programme will include projects in our portfolio in the areas of agriculture and tourism”.

In response, the principal, Ms. Linda Archer, thanked EGFL for its role in improving the school’s educational and developmental programmes. In expressing appreciation on behalf of the school, she commended EGFL for the road trip initiative and indicated that the tour will not only be an educational experience for the students but will challenge the students to think about our green environment.
EGFL believes that fostering positive and meaningful relationships with schools like the St. Mary’s Primary School will make a difference to the students’ development.

Principal Linda Archer (standing at the back), Linda Harris Corporate Secretary EGFL (middle left) and Julie JnMarie Secretary EGFL with students.

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