As part of our team building strategy,the management and staff of EGFL recently took to the hills of Foster Hall, St. Joseph, on the eastern side of the island, to engage in a training programme offered by Higher Heights.

This 26 acre training facility has been in existence for over twenty years. It is highly accredited and is well known for delivering team building and motivational training programmes to local and international corporate clients. The programmes are interactive and participatory but are presented in lively sessions while drawing on the experiences of the participants. The aim of the sessions is to give participants a deeper sense that they can perform “far beyond their accepted limits”.

EGFL participated in several exercises, such as Team Wilderness Pursuits, Pole Initiatives and Low Rope activities. These exercises incorporated a range of recreational, physical and tactical techniques to emphasise the core values inherent in building teams through collaborative efforts, achieving and maintaining effective communication and remaining motivated while coping with challenging situations.  The exercises are designed to develop cohesiveness and stimulate interactive dialogue among cross functional teams, thus positively impacting performance at the individual and institutional level.

Based on the positive feedback about the benefits of the training and the many expressions of determination, victory and defeat on the faces of the participants, it is clear that the experience was not only educational and instructive but was very engaging and entertaining!

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