A few months ago, a group of like minded staff members of Enterprise Growth Fund Ltd., decided that they wanted to give back to the community in which they work. After some discussion, it was decided that a project should be undertaken to assist the financial needs of some students of Westbury Primary School.

The principal of the school was contacted to discuss this initiative, to which she agreed, and to determine the real needs of the children. To expedite the project, donations were collected by the staff and EGFL matched the donations as this initiative forms part of our corporate strategy of supporting worthy causes in the surrounding districts.

Debbie-Anne Jemmott, Investment Analyst with EGFL, made the presentation to the principal of the school, Mrs. Rosalyn Gittens, and stressed that: “Our island relies on the adults to do their best for our children. As staff members of EGFL, we pledge to continue our donations every quarter during school time so that we can make our contribution to our nation’s future.”

The principal expressed gratitude to the management and staff of EGFL for their generous offer of school supplies, breakfast items, stationery and supplies and a printer-copier for the children and the school. She indicated that she was happy that their school was chosen to receive these items as they did not receive any other corporate support for the school. She noted that the school will be starting a breakfast program when the school reopens in September and therefore welcomed the support they received.

Mrs. Gittens noted that their school embraces the concept of sharing and giving back and hence she was pleased that EGFL shared a similar philosophy.

The presentation was witnessed by senior teacher Ms. Walters and some staff members of EGFL.

From left to right:  Ms. Walter – Senior Teacher;  centre Mrs. Gittens – Principal and right Debbie-Anne Jemmott – EGFL

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